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In these COVID-19 days, I am accepting short-term and one-off engagements for any businesses that need an extra hand, as well as micro-businesses that need some quick tech help.

I offer special discounts for NAWBO members.

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IT Support - Delivered with TLC for YOU.

Your company isn't just any small business. It's yours. You put your heart and soul into it. But your IT support sells you cookie-cutter solutions - the same ones they sell to your competitors.

Your solution: Partner with TLC Networks.

Over 100 business clients across 30+ years = lasting relationships with happy customers. Click the heart to send us an inquiry. Discover the TLC difference.

Beyond Support: Technology Leadership

Instead of putting your CFO in charge of your IT hoping to hold down expenses, what if you could have a C-level tech leader like a CIO or IT Director without the full-time hit to your payroll?

What if you had an IT visionary looking out for YOUR best interests, instead of a tech vendor needing to sell you another project?

IT Rethink speaks your business language, working directly with business owners like you to transform your IT into your competitive advantage.

Visit if you want IT to make you money instead of cost you money.

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